Hardware & Software Solutions

Sawtooth has a proven record working with top manufacturing companies for its hardware and software supply. From Intel to Microsoft, Sawtooth has a long standing partnership with the leaders in the industry.

Server Gear

As an Intel System Builder, Sawtooth Technology builds a variety of business-class servers to fit every size business from SMB to Enterprise. For over 12 years Sawtooth has been actively involved in Intel’s Preferred Dealer program as both an Intel test center as well a System Builder. Sawtooth understands that the server specification chosen has a direct relationship to the stability of the network and our server hardware knowledge is second to none.

PC Hardware/Software

Sawtooth Technology PC’s are like no other in today’s market place. These Intel® -approved workstations are built for not only performance, but esthetics as well. Our computer gear includes only the best PC hardware and software available in today’s market. We design them to be quiet, efficient running systems that will last. Whether you need a PC for entry-level office applications, high-end graphic applications, media broadcast stations or any other need; Sawtooth PC’s are built with the computer hardware needed to do the job right.

Sawtooth laptops provide flexibility, performance, and durability for the “on-the-go” business professional. Built exclusively on the Intel mobile platform, Sawtooth laptops are hard to beat.

Sawtooth Technology can provide you with virtually every type of software you need to run your business: operating systems, Microsoft Office applications, database management, graphics, financial management, system protection, and more. As a Microsoft® partner, our staff can assist you with your volume and site licensing needs as well. If you have a specific need but aren’t sure which application is best for you, we can research and provide a recommendation for you.

Having problems with your current computers? At Sawtooth Technology we will work hard restore your system with our PC repair service, or we will get you setup with what you need if you are ready to upgrade. Let us show you why we are the best computer company in the Treasure Valley area.

Network Gear

Sawtooth’s network hardware solutions not only maximize your network efficiency, but provide proactive threat defense that stops attacks before they spread through the system. Our network gear is able to control network activity and application traffic while delivering flexible VPN connectivity in a reliable and efficient manner. The result is a powerful multi-functional network system that provides the breadth and depth to protect your office environment.


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