Network Design & Implementation

Sawtooth Technology provides a full spectrum of business network services including design, implementation, and integration.  We can create a custom network for your Small, Medium or Enterprise business using basic or complex systems at single or multiple locations.

Single Office

Our staff brings years of combined network experience and certifications from major technology companies such as Microsoft, Intel, Watchguard, Sophos, and Ubquiti. Experience has taught our certified network engineers to listen to your needs and find the solution that is right for you.

A well-designed  Local Area Network (LAN) within your office complex or Wide Area Network (WAN) connecting you to remote sites within your organization is essential in today’s business environment. Our engineers have the experience to custom design, install, and configure your business network with all the necessary equipment to ensure a reliable, efficient, and secure work environment.

Remote Office

When a remote office is needed our engineers are experienced in designing and implementing network paths to ensure stability and security. Whether the solution calls for creating secure VPN’s or point to point wireless connectivity, Sawtooth engineers have the experience and knowledge to successfully meet the need. Sawtooth has experience with:

  • Site to site VPN
  • Site to multi-site VPN
  • Single and multiple wireless building scenarios
  • Long range wireless point to point designs
  • Microsoft Azure Cloud Server scenarios


Computer Network Security

In the past, threats from both internal and external sources were relatively slow-moving and easy to defend against. In today’s environment where malicious attacks can spread across the internet in a matter of minutes, security systems must instantly recognize such attacks and protect your network’s integrity. We realize that cyber security must be a fundamental business process. The Sawtooth team has the extensive experience and qualifications needed to implement a wide range of firewall, Antivirus, Email Filtering, intrusion prevention, and cyber policy systems.



Updated by Feb 2024