Cloud Services

Sawtooth understands the need companies have to access their data and programs from anywhere a user has internet access. Because of this demand Sawtooth is proficient with both Microsoft 365 and Google Business.  Sawtooth also specializes configuring and maintaining Secure VPN sessions for our clients that need data access when outside their network. Sawtooth recognizes that while some clients want all services in the cloud, most want a mixture of premise based offerings and cloud based offerings.

E-mail Services

Sawtooth offers hosted Email Services through Microsoft 365 or Google Business. Both services offer a secure multi-facture (MFA) solution that has nearly the same features as on-premise services. Along with MFA, Sawtooth also offers an Antivirus add-on designed specifically for email. This add-on allows another layer of security for cloud based email solutions.

Cloud Backup Services

Sawtooth offers offsite disaster recovery. We have designed an offsite data backup solution that will run jointly with a company’s onsite daily cloud backup services. The purpose of this offsite data backup is to provide protection from fire, theft, and flood scenarios.

Application Services

Sawtooth offers domain control and/or application cloud services using Microsoft’s Cloud Computing Platform Azure. This solution is designed for those customers that would like to move their network domain and/or their line-of-business software into the cloud.


Updated by Feb 2024